Html email template for announcement list?

I’ve been using text only to send announcements through DH, but I’d like to buy an html template and have it modified. I’m wondering how that would work with a DH announcement list? It does say that html is okay.

Would I just paste the code in or would I need to do something different once I get my template?

I’ve long forgotten my html and don’t have the bandwidth to do it myself. Any advice helpful. I don’t know what I’m doing here.

Hello There!

Thank you for hitting us up for support. Yes you can! (use HTML in your announcement list)

Just click until you see a check mark appear in the little “This is HTML” checkbox next to the submit button on the mail page. This will result in HTML tags in your message being interpreted as HTML for people whose mail clients have HTML capabilities. You should paste your HTML code directly into the textarea that says “Your message:”.

Also, don’t worry that some people on your list can’t read HTML-formatted email! Your message is sent as a multi-part message. Those users with email clients that can’t read HTML will get a plain text version!

If you have any other questions be sure to let us know,

Matt C