HTML EDITS and DH template

Is there a way to edit the HTML tags if I’m using a DH template? After many years of procrastinating, I think I want to develop my site and actually do something with it. So, my blogspot blog has suggested to insert ADSENSE into my header tags in my DH template website,

How do I access the tags from the main editing page in DH?


By “DH template”, do you mean a template from DH’s Remixer site-building system? Or maybe a WordPress theme?

Yes, I was trying to edit in the control panel. I do use the Remixer site-builder. I would like to scale up my site and actually start putting in some content.

Do you have any way to do this?


I don’t know much about Remixer, so maybe others will chime in. The Remixer help pages mention that it doesn’t support adding Javascript, which is presumably how AdSense works:

Adding JavaScript to a page

It’s currently not possible to add custom JavaScript to a Remixer page.

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Ok. shoot. Well…that don’t help. It might be time to re-do my whole site. I’ve let it languish for 7 years or so…ugh…another project… :grimacing:
Many thx! You get many karma’s!

You are right remixer don’t have custom JavaScript option available

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