HTML editor with safe mode



I’m looking for an HTML editor with something one might call a “safe mode” where the user can only change the text, and cannot affect the HTML markup in any way.

Here’s the scenario: you wish to let your brother edit some HTML pages, and he is a great writer but is not a technical person.

Here’s an example of the problem:

in a normal WYSIWYG HTML editor, if you have the cursor at the end of a word, and there is an image embedded in the text preceding that word, and you wish to delete the word, you press ‘backspace’ the appropriate number of times.

But if you inadvertently press backspace one time too many, then it deletes the preceding picture!

You can hit ‘undo’ of course - but only if you noticed the problem. The picture you inadvertently deleted might have been very small. It might even have been a 1-pixel widget or something.

This happens in Kompozer, Pagebreeze and Citydesk.

Surely it would be very simple to have a ‘safe mode’ where only the text can be changed. Does anyone know of such an editor?


I know this isn’t an answer to your query, but what you’re describing is precisely why Content Management Systems were invented and have since become so popular on the Internet in general.

By implementing a CMS (such as Joomla!, et al) you can keep the design & administration in the designer’s/admin’s hands - and can delegate who has control of the site content simply by giving the content expert’s account “Author” rights.

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Yep, Dreamweaver will do templates.

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