Html editor / website templates


I recently started a couple of blogs using wordpress. Now I’m interested in starting a site for my father-in-law to display and sell his art. Today I installed zencart, but after about a hour of fooling around, I decided to un-install zencart. I don’t think he’ll need a full online shopping cart service so I think I might just try to use google “buy now” buttons on the site I create.

My question is what do you recommend for a good (easy) way to create a slick website? I know some html, but I think I could do better with a template to start from.

Thanks a lot,
S.P. Gass


I use Gallery for my mom’s art site. Gallery2 is a one-click install here and even has some shopping cart options. Mom’s is actually Geeklog with Gallery1 embedded, but I’ve seen some slick G2 sites for artists and photographers.