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I have a website that I began last year (and received some initial help with here in the Support Forum), but I decided to stop and pay a website builder to create the basic form of it, a template, in order to save me the time of learning all the necessary details of how to get the site to look like I wanted. I have so far had a problem understanding tables, how to apply them correctly in the HTML. After that was done then I could add all the content I needed to the template. The website builder, of course, immediately scrapped everything I had done til then instead of making small changes according to my wishes (much to my chagrin, as I liked my concept. Obviously we have different asthetic tastes (a big red flag I ignored when I first saw HIS homepage) and he tried to initially foist his tastes upon me but I put my foot down and we came to a compromise. ) But to his credit, he did give me some good information about making the website easy to use for visitors. But I digress…

On this template he has created (that I am basically happy with now and somewhat understand the details of) I can’t figure out how to bring in the margins of the “second content area” of each page. The text I am entering into the template causes the lines to be spread across the whole page and I think it is a bit unpleasant to the eye for reading. I’d like to bring them in oh, about 1-1/2 inches on each side but don’t know how to accomplish this the right way.

This page is a perfect example of what I’m referring to:

If you scroll down to the second content area, you can see what I’m talking about. I can’t ask the website builder to help me with this issue because he’s charged me an arm and a leg already and I can’t afford to pay for anymore of his time.

Also, a major consideration for me is to keep the website accessible to people with slow systems and dial-up modems, so I’m trying to keep things to a minimum.

If you can offer assistance, I would appreciate it very much!

Thank you,

I understand your frustration, Joanne, of trying to figure out tables in HTML, but then this is also the challenge and satisfaction of writing web pages from scratch using a notepad. But if you really find it very difficult to grasp design like that on your site, I guess an alternative would be to use a more user-friendly software like FrontPage (although I hate it).

And if your website builder charged you an arm and a leg for such a “sophisticated” design, I would recommend you go find another.

As for the indent, you might want to try the block quote tag. Hope this helps.

Hi prufrock,

The block quote tag didn’t indent it as much as I had hoped it would, but thank you for writing with your suggestion.


Hi Bob,

I did increase the cellpadding value and it did give me a sufficient indentation, thank you. I realized that I could only do it up to a point, however, because if I kept increasing after that, it merely caused the text to scoot over to the right side of the page, not stay centered. Also, it doesn’t seem to apply itself uniformly on two different pages even though from what I think I understand, it should. For example, on the “homepages” page <> everything in the second content area started to shift over to the right after a value of “97”, but on the “zip code” page, <> those seemed to stay somewhat centered on the page (but they went over to the left side) at “100” and beyond (and right now that text is still over to the left side). Maybe this happened due to some difference in the way I entered the text in the html?

On the zip code page, is it possible for me to make a table within a table? I’d rather have a table for the zip codes instead of just a list, but I’m not sure I could make a simple table, stick the html for it in there and have it work because the second content area already is in table form.

Another thing which concerns me that I have tried to figure out so far without success is this: I don’t understand why there are such big blank vertical spaces between the bottom of the light blue box menu and the beginning of the second text area. I would like to eliminate a lot of that to make the page appear more seamless, the text from the first content area should flow into the text of the second content area with just maybe a line break or two to accommodate a visual separation from the blue menu index box. I thought that it might be the “tspace.gif’s” on the page causing that, but removing one of them didn’t seem to make any difference that I could tell.

I did notice that on the homepage <> the text he entered for me on the bottom of the page in the second content area doesn’t have that big vertical gap and I tried to compare things to understand why it was happening on the other pages, but he wrote the second content area html a bit differently on the homepage from what he gave me to work with on the other pages. I didn’t understand all of what his html writing meant and couldn’t make a valid comparison to the other pages to do the same there. I can see that “

” refers to the font size but he’s got a “” tag in there and there is nothing I see which would account for there NOT being a large vertical gap between the index menu, the first content area and the second content area.

It is so frustrating! It’s turning out that I have to learn these html things which I had hoped to save time by not learning and paying him to do instead. By the time I get things done the way I’d like them, I will nearly have been able to create the whole website by myself. :frowning:

Thanks for your suggestions and for listening,