.htacess and mod rewrite

I used cuteftp to upload an .htaccess file to my root folder, but I can’t see it. What

Also, the scrip I want to run says this:

“Make sure mod_rewrite is enabled with your Apache server”

Are there any limitations when using dreamhosts for this to work?



When you say you can’t see it are you meaning in the file list or if you’re trying to go to mysite.com/.htaccess? If you upload it and it is not in the file list that means you need to change the settings on your ftp program to make it shows hidden files. If you are trying to view the .htaccess file on the web you can’t as hidden files are just like they are not there.

and mod_rewrite is enabled on dreamhost servers. http://wiki.dreamhost.com/Mod_rewrite

That sorted it, thanks!