Trying to get my htaccess working with Drupal and can’t seem to

RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !^/(stats/|missing\.html|failed_auth\.html) [NC] RewriteRule ^(.*)$ /index.php?q=$1 [L,QSA]

can’t remember if this is formatted correctly… tried it with Directory set to my home dir too… testing this by going to site which is normally to and getting not found. Any ideas?

Looks like it’s in the wrong place. Here’s the wiki page with examples:

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ok if I understood changed it to… thanks for guess but I’ve tried a few variations on this already.

here’s how it looks right now…

RewriteEngine On RewriteBase / RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d RewriteRule ^(.*)$ /index.php?q=$1 [L,QSA]

If that’s your current file, just add this before all of that:

RewriteEngine On RewriteBase / RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} ^/(stats|failed_auth\.html).*$ [NC] RewriteRule . - [L]

Your original code didn’t have the “RewriteRule . - [L]” line and just passed the request on to index.php with everything else.

You could combine them like you did before, but I know some scripts (like WP) may rewrite the .htaccess for certain changes, but will only change the original block of code, leaving whatever you add before it.

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