I have been using .htaccess for several months to block hotlinking images, audio, and video. I am blocking selected sites that massively abuse hotlinking to basically bypass giving any credit to my site. So I am not interested in using the new .htaccess goody which blocks all hotlinking.

I was serving up a static image for a few months. It worked well. Every week or so, I would add another bad mannered referrer. I tested every addition to my .htaccess file to make sure it worked.

Two weeks ago, I found some sample code for serving up my home page when a referrer hotlinks to my files. It worked well also, which made me really happy. :slight_smile:

However, one day it just stopped working. I had made no changes. It’s just that one day I noticed the bad referrers with wierd numbers in my stats again.

I tried a number of things to correct the problem, even asking DH if they did something on the server. I even uploaded an old .htaccess file which was working a couple of months ago.

Nothing works. It’s as if selected lines in my personal .htaccess file(s) went on strike. DH says the file is being invoked because denying directory listings works.

Did something change in the world of .htaccess on or about January 2 for mod_rewrite? Anyone have any idea what I should look for in my .htaccess files (that had been working as intended) that could be causing the problem?