I noticed the control pannel had WebDAV but doesn’t sound like what I want to accomplish.

I already have a .htaccess file for the mod_rewrite of my urls. But I am wondering how to go about adding a command on the end that will password protect a specific folder, for example if I wanted to upload a bunch of jpegs from a shoot, and give the client a temporary login via htaccess to go and download the full sized files.

-Karl Blessing

If you use WebDAV in the panel, it will overwrite existing .htaccess file.

If you already have a .htaccess file, I’ll suggest you

  1. backup your .htaccess file
  2. create username and password using WebDAV in the panel
  3. append the backuped command to the new .htaccess file

You should be able to achieve what you want by doing that.

If you are confident with htaccess commands, you can refer to this article to create a username and password on your existing .htaccess file.

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You can do this from the panel. In the same page for webDAV you can also choose a folder to set up a password on. It also allows you to create usernames and passwords.

This would only affect the folder you have protected and all folders it contains.

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I think yo meant to say:

“2. create username and password using .htaccess in the panel”.

It can be confusing that WebDAV is on the same page with the .htaccess “auto-generation” stuff, but they are very different things, and one should be careful not to “use” the WebDAV stuff on the page when trying to use .htaccess from within the Control Panel.

That said, your advice on saving any existing .htaccess for subsequent merging with the .htaccess file created by the panel for Apache authentication and/or hotlink protection is right on the money! . :slight_smile:


Thanks for the correction rlparker.

I do mean create username and password using WebDAV --> .htaccess in the panel.

Haiz… I need to improve my English

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