Hi everyone, ive got a problem, maybe someone knows how to solve it. Basically, i have a directory on my webserver, lets say its and lots of subdirectories, randomly created by a script. f.ex.

these directories are created automatically when some content, for example a picture or a video clip, is uploaded.

Now, what i would like to do is to prevent people from seeing the list of pictures or videos in these subdirectories when directly going to a url like I placed a blank index.html file in the main “content” directory and it prevents people from seeing the list of subdirectories, but i cant figure out how to prevent people from seeing the contents of those subdirectories as they are created automatically and placing each time a blank page into each of them would be really time consuming. maybe theres a better way to do this, probably by configuring the .htaccess file somehow…can someone help? tnx.

Place the following line in the .htaccess file in your domains web-directory;

[color=#0000CC]Options -Indexes[/color]

This will affect the directory it is placed in and all directories further down the directory structure.


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as mark said, you can do it by setting up htaccess file. you can refer to wiki and on how to use htaccess. It is very helpful.

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tnx a lot guys, works perfectly.