I set up htaccess for my site to prevent people from hotlinking my zip files. It isn’t working. Is this something that takes a day or longer?

No, there should be no delay. A .htaccess file should have an immediate result.

Perhaps you could post the contents of your .htaccess file, someone may be able to spot the problem.


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I found how to do it. I had to block certain sites.

my problem is dreamhost keeps changing the site
from: gersonlima2005.spaces.msn.com
to: msn.com

I creat the file, everything is fine, the site cant hotlink. Then 10 minutes later it’s changed automatically and the thief is hotlinking again

Why not just prevent hotlinking all togeather? You can do that straight through the panel > Goodies > Htaccess.

Or, why not poste the contense of your htaccess file and let someone here help you figure out what’s not working.

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Mattail is correct, you don’t have to specify a domain to block, you can tell it to block everything except your website.