Why when I open my ftp program can I not see .htaccess files, but I know they are there, because they are working right :S

Most FTP programs’ default setting is to NOT display files that begin with “dot.”

If you go into your program’s preferences/options, you should be able to change this so you can see them.

I am totally unable to find the function to display .htaccess in my WS_FTP Pro. And my .htaccess appears to have screwed up somehow too. I can see it in the local pane, but not in the remote pane. So I don’t know if I over-wrote an existing one now. And I can’t see the one that’s there to delete it. What on earth can I do?

See http://www.efficienthosting.co.uk/support/wsftp.html

Under the section “Hidden Files”

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According to the kbase.

[quote]In WSFTP
Right click on the connection before logging on, select “properties”, then select the “startup” tab. On this screen you shall see a box that says “Remote file mask”. In this box place “-al”, then log in.[/quote]

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