Hi, I had a folder on one site that had htaccess applied to it, and I went in and changed the username and password. It said it would take 15 minutes to apply. It has now been well over an hour. So I added another username and password to it. Then, I decided to use the old username and password (before I had made changes,) and it is still working. So, I decided to do a test, went into a completely different web admin panel for another client and set up a new folder w/htaccess applied to it. Well, it has been over the fifteen minutes, and htaccess has not been applied, i can read the entire contents of the folder.

Anyone know if this is a known issue today? Has anyone else tried to htaccess a folder today? Or should I put in a support ticket?


I have put in a support ticket on this issue I am having. The htaccess’d folders are still not working. Both are on different servers, dawber and arkanoid.