Htaccess & WWW

I’m trying to use a .htaccess file to redirect the RSS feed from my blog (switching to Feedburner for better info tracking). I’m running into a problem where the file will only redirect if WWW. is used at the front of the address. For example, the first link below will get redirected while the second doesn’t.

Since my old feed does not include the WWW., the redirect as-is isn’t going to do me much good. Is there anything I can add or change to the following line to make it WWW. agnostic?

Redirect permanent /files/blog.xml


Works for me.

Without WWW

With WWW

Try forcing a Refresh to make sure your browser isn’t showing you stale content from its cache.

D’oh. You are correct, it was using my cache. Thanks for the tip.


Is it possible there are any network cache cause I for to refresh and clean my cache it wont appear???