.htaccess with environment variables


I’m trying to use url rewriting in one of our sites.

The way we use it on local copy of the site is to use a rewrite rule filling
an environment variable that will be read by a PHP script in order to seek
into the MySQL database.


RewriteRule ^(.*/)?[^/.]+/?$ spip.php?page=rubrique [QSA,E=url_propre:$0,L]


echo “spip:REDIRECT_url_propre=” . $_SERVER[‘REDIRECT_url_propre’];

I tried to look for $_SERVER[‘url_propre’], $_SERVER[‘REDIRECT_url_propre’], $_SERVER[‘REDIRECT_SCRIPT_URL’],
$_SERVER[‘SCRIPT_URL’] and $GLOBALS[‘HTTP_ENV_VARS’][‘url_propre’] without success. They all are empty.

Everything is correct on our local Wampserver and is coming strictly from the
SPIP community, without any change from myself, but fail on Dreamhost : I get
nothing in the environment variable.

Would you please indicate me if Dreamhost offer a way to deal with that kind
of rewrite rule and if yes, could you provide me an example?

I searched in the whole forum past posts and found only one reference about these environment variables.

The wiki pages do not mention them:

Could any one may give some advice about this stuff?

Thank you,.

Vincent François