Htaccess weirdness, excepted domains not working


I’ve got a folder that I restrict access to except from a variety of domains (domains that have message forums on them where I regularly insert images for sigs and so on), and lately the server at DH hasn’t been letting a few of them actually display the images.

I’ll insert an image from my DH domain into another website and all that appears is a broken image icon, even though I know the address is correct and that the other domain is permitted on the HTAccess/WebDAV page for my folder.

If I click on the broken image icon and select “display image in new window” I’ll get a “forbidden” error first, and if I hit Refresh I’ll then see the image, all by itself there. Then if I go back to the message forum and shift-refresh the image might appear, but more often than not it doesn’t.

I’m confused by this.


It does sound like a problem where one of your .htaccess files is preventing hotlinking. Are you sure there isn’t an .htaccess somewhere in the directory path that forbids hotlinks? I guess the alternative is that somehow the selective enablement has gotten borked for some reason…

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It is a bit weird, the problem seems to often clear itself up after a little while. I wonder if it’s more a problem with my browser cache or something.

Next time I’ll try clearing my cache and then reloading and see if the image appears.