Htaccess/WebDAV in control panel working?

Howdy everyone,

I’m helping a relative with their web site here on DreamHost and I wanted to password protect a directory on the site that is used for administrative logins to the web app that is being run in an effort to circumvent people with nothing better to do from gaining access to the back end. I tried to use the control panel Htaccess/WebDAV to password protect this folder and it said that the changes were successful and than an email would be sent to my relative within 10 minutes. That was yesterday. No changes were made as the login folder is still publically accessable and she never received any email regarding any changes being made.

I wanted to know if the control panel Htaccess/WebDAV for DreamHost is broken and we are experiencing a normal not-working status for this or if something else might be amiss.

I’m used to working on a Linode wherein I just SSH in and beat on the thing via the command line, but I’m trying to help this person so that she can be self sufficient with her site and don’t want to stray from using the control panel to accomplish tasks on DreamHost unless I have to.

Is anyone else having any issues password protecting folders using the control panel? Perhaps this problem is server specific. Any clues?

Thanks in advance for any light you can shed on this.[hr]
Update on this - my relative received an email saying that the Htaccess robot had completed setting up the password protection. It is supposed to take 10 minutes and it took almost 24 hours.

In the meantime, I undid the protection in the control panel and then when I got word that yesterday’s protection had finally taken place I re-did it to try to circumvent the robot from undoing it.

Do these htaccess robots generally take this long to make changes like this? Or has this particular htaccess robot been hanging around the watering trough at the company Christmas party when it should have been roboting?


I’ve seen delays up to 30 minutes, maybe even 60, but in my experience, <10 minutes is average.