Htaccess: Timeout not allowed here

I need to increase timeout for cgi script, how can I do that?
I added direcrive
TimeOut 1200

to .htaccess file and I’m getting InternalServerError and error in error.log:
.htaccess: Timeout not allowed here

Any other way to increase cgi script timeout?

I’ll explain why I need to increase it. I have problem with my MovableType CMS. Published site works fast, because it is static html, but sometimes it is necessary to do long republish (changing layout for all pages, etc). And for republish I started to get “504 Gateway timeout”. I realise that good solution is to start investigating root cause of the problem (which I beleive is in slow sql query response) but I want some quick solution, because overall CMS works slow but acceptable.

Thanks in advance for you advise!

It’s best to add the timeout in the virtual hosts instead. What do you use? Apache / NGINX?

Apache. on VPS
Is apache conf available to me?
Where is it located?

I’m not much into apache, but rather nginx… Either way:

Might come in handy for you.

/dh/apache2/apache2-psXXXXX/etc/httpd.conf <-- is I think what you need.

The other config files might be also within those directories.