Htaccess redirect

I’ve got a site I’m looking to transfer over to my DH account, right now the content is all in a sub-directory,, and I want to have them just go to All the pages will be switched from .html pages to .php page. From looking through the forum here I’ve found that a .htaccess would be the best choice. If I do a .htaccess redirect will that affect my search engine rankings at all? I know there’s a meta redirect, but google isn’t a fan of it I know. Also, is this the code that I should use:
redirect 301 /index.html

Would I then have to add a new line for each page that I’m looking to do a redirect for? Any advice would be much appreciated.

redirect 301 / will retain your rankings.

You shouldn’t really need to redirect anything else as most people would have your index.html bookmarked. The only one’s it might affect are those who’ve bookmarked a specific page. They’ll be forwarded to your index.php page.

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