.htaccess redirect problem

Hi everyone,

I tried to create a .htaccess file for redirection.
I want everyone that goes to http://smf.ii-houdai.net to be redirected to http://101283.net

smf.ii-houdai.net resides in a directory /smf in the root folder.

so I created the .htaccess with the following line:

Redirect /home/my_user_name_here/smf http://101283.net/

Then, place the .htaccess in my home directory.
However, it doesn’t seem to work…

Could anyone help point out what I’m doing wrong?

Why didn’t you create that sub-domain as a redirected domain, rather than a Fully Hosted domain?


Should it not just be

Redirect / http://101283.net/

with no directory specified.

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If you’re redirecting say:

Then place the .htaccess inside of the mydomain.com directory. The .htaccess should look like:

Redirect /smf http://yoursite.com/

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Sorry for the late reply…

Thanks very much, I tried and it worked.

Finally figured out when those guides mentioned “home directory”, it’s referring to the web-accessible home directory of the site, and not the server ^^

Thanks everyone

I think that won’t work, coz the subdomain is the one that I want to direct to, and not the other way round?