Htaccess redirect not working?

Setting up my first rails app; I’ve set the domain’s ‘web directory’ to the public folder of the rails app, and created an .htaccess in that public folder containing only the following:
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ dispatch.fcgi [QSA,L]
However, when I go to my site, all I see is a directory listing of that public folder (minus the .htaccess file as it is hidden).
I’m also unable to hit any of my rails controllers; receive a 404.
I don’t see any processes running. However, when I do receive that directory listing in the browser, if I click on dispatch.fcgi, I do then see that process running for a short period of time.
I’ve gone through the wiki over and over, and must simply be missing something… ideas?
FastCGI is enabled for that domain also.

Please disregard; due to my lack of familiarity with htaccess, was just missing the directive to turn on the RewriteEngine.