Htaccess questions

hey all,

I want to use an htaccess file with my site. I’d rather ftp the file to my account rather than use telnet. What I’m wondering is where does the file go?

my site’s root directory structure:

jabber (folder)
logs (folder)
Maildir (folder) (folder)
.htaccess <— placed 1 copy of file here

I have also gone into the folder and placed a copy of the file there:

test (folder)
.htaccess <— placed 1 copy of file here

.htaccess contents

ErrorDocument 404 /template.php

For now I just want to point 404 errors to another file other than just the missing.html file. However, the 404 redirect is not working and I’m not sure if it’s just a matter of me placing the .htaccess file in the wrong place or if it’s something else. Do I need beginning commands in my htaccess file or perhaps need to update the config files? Any help would be awesome. Thanks!


The .htaccess file should go in the folder. I am surprised your 404 error redirect isn’t working, because you appear to have the syntax correct:

If that is all that is in there, I cannot see why you might have a problem.

Simon Jessey
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