Htaccess question

I’m considering using the SolidComponents PHP things included in my account, but to do so I’d need to convert all my pages - which are .shtml - to .php (for consistency, instead of just one page being .php and the rest .shtml).

That isn’t a problem in itself, but because a number of other sites link to individual pages, I was wondering if it’s possible to avoid sending a 404 error page for linked shtml pages by automatically sending people to the corresponding php page via htaccess. Not individual page redirects in an htaccess file, but is it possible to use a wildcard notation? Would this create too much unnecessary server overhead? Or maybe there’s another way.

Otherwise I suppose I’ll just let people get the error page for a while; at least that’s customized to look pretty.


Thanks for the tip for AddType:

Now I’m just curious about server overhead, but I doubt it’d be terrible.

As for the general advice not to change a site after it’s been established in “the system” - that’s true, but extremely unrealistic. :stuck_out_tongue: The internet is always moving, and one can’t expect a site to remain static for 5 years or something. Having individual redirects for specific pages is fine - I had been doing that for some already, but other people/engines need to also be proactive in maintaining their own pages when they link to other sites.

Besides, my 404/etc. is much more functional and (I hope) humorous than the usual error pages. :slight_smile:

Now how can you top this?

Cannot find Weapons of Mass Destruction

:cool: Perl / MySQL / HTML+CSS

This has been a personal favorite for a while: