.htaccess problems

I cleared my website, and started building from scratch. Well, when I cleared it, I also deleted my .htaccess file. Under my dreamhost panel, It still says that I have one even though I don’t, so I deleted it through the UserCP. I created a new one, and recieved the email and everything, but there’s no .htaccess file there… and I can’t edit the settings through the UserCP either, it says

" Important Note!
The settings for this directory are scheduled for deletion within the next ten mintues! "

BTW, Lol, Dreamhost spelled Minutes wrong.

Anyways, My problem is that it’s been a few hours now, and I’m still getting that error.

I have the same problem. Yesterday after modifying it there was a dbase failure and the CP did not work. Today I’m still trying to add a new .htaccess at the CP but no way, email is received but the file doesn’t exist.


It sounds like a support ticket might be in order here, though you could wait until there are no “pending” control panel actions and prepare your .htaccess file directly in the shell or via FTP.

Even though you have received the email, some of those CP actions may be queued, and may take a while to actually take place. You might want to wait a bit, and then check again. :wink: