Htaccess power

if have many videos here

etc etc

and if I move them to

is there a htaccess file I can write that will redirect ALL the URLS that used to work to the URL’s that do work?


To be more specific I want to move all my movie files from


and have the links to the sub folders under “video” still work.

I know that htaccess can do that with rewrite … but have no idea how to do it

While you wait for a .htaccess expert, why not create a symbolic link from the old directory to the new one? Is it because you want an actual redirect and not for both to respond?

And to clarify your request, is all you want to happen is for the rewrite to delete the 2009/ part of the path?


I do not know how to make symbolic links. Sounds useful.

What I want is when someone goes to

they really go to

but for all the dir’s there DIR

to DIR

thanks for any help

SSH in to your account and then:
cd ~/
ln -s video nuggets

It creates a folder alias for nuggets called video. When you go to video, you’re really in nuggets. The only downside is that it will appear that you’re running two identical directories in parallel.

Your original request for the htaccess syntax would be the better way. Now would be a good opportunity to learn a bit about htaccess.