Htaccess not working


I just added some password restrictions to another directory in one of my domains, but it doesn’t seem like the changes are taking effect. I’ve done this once before for another directory and it worked. I believe i mimic’ed all the settings. In the webpanel it shows me the directory and says its password protected, but when click on the link to the URL on the same page or manually browse there, I don’t get prompted for a username/password.

Is there something else I might be missing?



Perhaps your browser is storing the password. If the panel says its protected the same way as the other is, maybe it really is. Try a different browser, or even have a friend try from a different computer.



Thanks, but that’s just the thing, I’ve never gotten prompted for the password so there was nothing for the browser to store. I also had a friend try and he was able to get in without password either.

Any other suggestions?



Go to the panel and delete and re-add the password protection for that directory.



Hmm deleted the settings about 2 hours ago and then again about 30 mins ago, yet they are still showing up on the webpanel (after clearing cache and cookies).


That certainly warrants a ticket for Support. It’s a very clear problem they should be able to fix.



I opened a support ticket.

Thanks for all your help Scott.