.htaccess not through the Panel

The webmaster has just setup a 2nd domain for my organization. I only have FTP access to my area (kofc6725.org). I think I have the .htaccess and .htpasswd files created correctly and in the correct area… but none of the username:password combinations I have entered work.
I wonder if the path is correct in my .htaccess file? It looks like this…
AuthUserFile /home/kofc6725.org/Private/.htpasswd

No, that path doesn’t look correct. It should look something like:


You’re missing the username part.

I think you are missing the username in your path - also - are you encrypting your passwords?

What I did to find out my correct path was to make a simple index.php file that simply does the following:

<?php echo 'server root =' . $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT']; ?>

That will tell you the document root.

Hope that helps.