Htaccess makes directory disappear

Hello everyone,

I have a subdomain pointing to a dreamhost account. When I activate through control panel or manually create the .htaccess file inside a folder in the ftp (I want to password protect it), the directory disappears from the http file index in the subdomain. And inserting the full path in the address bar of the browser gives a 404 page.
Could this be a problem of the subdomain redirection? Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Thanks in advance

If I’m reading this correctly, it’s likely because the calling site doesn’t have permission to view the location due to the contents of the .htaccess file.

Can you explain precisely what it is you’re trying to accomplish more clearly?

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Hello sXi,

I’m trying to password protect a directory. I already thought of a fault of mine in the htaccess file but going thruDreamhost automated htaccess section in the control panel gives the same result.

Thank you

I hit the same disappearing behavior, and didn’t find a way around it. Once you access the directory and authorize, then the listing includes the directory again. Not what I wanted, but seems to be the way it works.

For the 404 error, should be a bug in your htaccess, try looking at your error log after you access it. (in logs/domainname/http/error.log)

Thank you very much.
Yes 404 was my fault, solved.
And I don have a problem with the disappearing thing, now it’s working I even prefer it this way.
Thanks again