Htaccess logins

I’ve set up htaccess on a private website and find that I have to login to the private area two times every time I want to access it. I’ve set up htaccess on other sites and haven’t had this happen before. I’m using WordPress on these sites, and I can’t figure out what’s wrong. Is anyone else having this problem? Does anyone know why this is happening?

its possible you have set up htaccess on two different folders that are used in the private area. This would mean having to permit access on each one.

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I’ve checked that. htaccess only exists in the appropriate subfolder. No other folders contain the file.

I have also observed in Firefox that authenticing with site A and then failing to authenticate with site B invalidates authentication with site A.

As far as troubleshooting: use a plugin/add-on that allows you to monitor the requests your browser is handling. For Firefox LiveHTTPHeaders works great.

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