Htaccess login page

Is it possible to have the htaccess login prompt on a web page rather than as the standard pop-up window. If so, how can I do this.

Answered in your other thread. Please don’t double post.

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Thanks, I realized that my post was not suited for the “Beginners” section and may be a more advanced questions which will be better answered in the “web design” category. In reference to your solution, its fine, but i’m looking for something a little bit more secure. The javascript solutions push the inputted userid and password directly into the URL in the browser. The userid and password are then stored in cache and history of the browser and isn’t very secure. I was hoping there was some other method that was more secure.

So should we give suggestion in this post or that post?

I’m not familiar with htaccess but i’m familiar with PHP.

Do you wanna try PHP authentication?

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