.htaccess issue


This is the first time I’ve ever run into an issue like this and I hope someone can help out.

I created a WordPress database today for a client’s blog but I cannot upload a theme as I keep getting the following error message:

Unable to create directory /home/nurturecentres/nurturecentres.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/05. Is its parent directory writable by the server?

This error is also preventing me from installing plugins and uploading to the media library. Haven’t tried writing a page or post yet.

I haven’t changed any of the ftp permissions but I did try to import information from another blog they have but entered the incorrect ftp information before deciding to hold off on this step until I have the theme in place. Could this incorrect ftp information be causes this problem or is it something else?

Thanks so much!!



It seems like a permissions issue to me. What do you get when you type: ls -lh nuturecenters.org/wp-content/uploads


Now you’re talking Linux which I get totally lost with, lol. I try but tend to fail miserably for the most part.

I’ll check the permissions again. Thanks!


if you are using an s/ftp client, they usually have an option to display permissions. The better ones will let you modify them as well. You’ll need to make sure that the folder is writeable by you, and possibly your group, but not others.