.htaccess is gonna make me cry

I know this is a well discussed issue. I’ve read quite a few of the threads here and followed advice offered in them. Alot have helped but I have one final issue that I’m not sure where to begin on.

I’m trying to increase the file upload size and post size of my site. I followed the wiki instructions and that went fine. Unfortunately I got blitzed by my cms system on my site (drupal). The wiki instructs creating a new .htaccess file to point to my custom files and I placed that in my root folder. My drupal system is in a sub folder of my site and it has its own .htaccess file. the two don’t seem to get along…

i guess what i’m wondering is could anyone point me in the right direction to track down where/how two .htaccess files could conflict? or is there any way to merge the two together? or…is there a way to point to the custom files w/o the wiki’s .htaccess?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated…even advice on how i could begin searching for a solution on my own!

thank you again in advance!

If the .htaccess file in your root only contains the lines required for your custom PHP install, it shouldn’t be causing too many problems with the .htaccess file in your drupal directory. Are you sure that it isn’t something else causing your issues? Perhaps your custom PHP install is a different version than the default one set for the domain, or perhaps different php.ini settings are to blame.

Could you post the contents of the two .htaccess files and a description of exactly what the issues are? Someone here might be able to spot the problem and suggest a fix.


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