I have a directory that uses password protection (htaccess/htpasswd) for two web sites of mine. The last time I used it was a few weeks ago in January. I log in today and it does not work.

I see the problem is the file has to be chgrp’d. I’m not sure why changes were made on the server, leaving .htpasswd files with bad groups. But anyhow, I try to chgrp and I don’t have permission. So I have to delete and recreate the directories with the web tool. Then it works.

Does anyone know when this change took place that broke htaccess across web sites? Or why appropriate action wasn’t taken to not break people’s htaccess setup (I assume it was a mistake)? Has this happened to anyone else?

That happened to one of my password protected directores a few weeks ago. I fixed it just like you did, deleting and recreating the security, and didn’t think twice about it.