.htaccess help



I’ve got my main domain with a couple of sub domains. My main domain has a folder like “domainroot” and the subdomains has it’s folders under “domainroot” like “domainroot/subdomain1, domainroot/subdomain2 …etc”.
Will I be able to have a single .htaccess with the “Options -Indexes” to turn off directory listing to all folders and subdomains or do I need separate .htaccess files on all folders?

I have the single .htaccess like so:
Options -Indexes
DirectoryIndex blah blah blah
ErrorDocument 404 http://maindomain.com/404.php

both directoryindex and errordocument seems to be working but the options -indexes does not work. Please help and thanks in advance. Plus is there somewhere in the panel I can do this or it must be through .htaccess. Thanks.


it should work for all subdirs unless you have another .htaccess in one of the subdirs which overrides your Options statement