.htaccess help

Hi, I have made .htaccess and .htpasswd files and uploaed them via FTP.

They are not visible on the remote drive through the FTP so I cannot delete them.

The login is not working and I am getting the 401 error.

How can I delete these files I cannot see?

I am using WS FTP PRO.


You need to set the app so that it displays hidden or invisible files. You should be able to find that in the preferences. Or, use another FTP app like FileZilla. In FileZilla, you can make hidden files visible by selecting “View” from the top menu and selecting “Show hidden files”.


Ok I tried both suggestions and neither worked.

File Zilla times out and wont connect - WS FTP doesnt have the option to view hidden files.

Is there a way to access it through the web or reset the webspace as this has made my whole domain unavailable?

Try using FileZilla again. Make sure that you’re using the correct FTP settings.


Never mind, just read this. (found by searching the Knowledge Base for “hidden”)



Using -al made them visible with WS Ftp