.htaccess help needed!


Hi fellow dh people!

I am struggling to revise my .htaccess file in the root of my website.

It seems any lines of code causes an internal server error (500)??

I have even used the simple line below, which leads to an error!?

Thanks in advance!

Even a blank .htaccess file is causing the above error? I have no idea what is going on?


It’s probably your text file editor using the wrong characters for linebreaks or inserting a BOM at the beginning.

What are you using to make and edit the file?

If you know how, try logging in via SSH and using nano instead.


I’m starting to think this may be the issue… I have used MS Notepad…

Let me try again :)[hr]
It has been a while since I used putty… fark.

Is there a text editor that complies with apache requirements?[hr]
Thank you Atropos!!

I was able to remember enough commands from my university days :)[hr]
I have a side question!

How do I go about blocking access to various directories within the root from the one .htaccess file?



If you are talking about url-paths without conditions, use the Redirect directive.

Otherwise use this module: Apache Module mod_rewrite

See also Htaccess file overview


I just want to make directories “/a”, “/b” and “/c” forbidden. Is this possible?