.htaccess for webdav folder?

I’m sharing some calendars via webdav. I would like deny access to just one or two IPs. Password protecting the webdav folder is not an option. I’ve tried adding a “deny from …” line to my main .htaccess file, but it did not affect the webdav folder. I also tried mounting the webdav folder in OS X and copied the .htaccess file that way. No such luck.

Is there anyway to get .htaccess to work with a webdav folder?

Someone else correct me if I am wrong, but I do not believe that .htaccess works with WebDav.


I did some research and it seems .htaccess should work fine with WebDAV. I am no expert, but it looks like you need to add some settings to the httpd.conf file for it to work.

The server may have been configured not to read .htaccess files in WebDAV folders. I am just guessing, here.

Do we have access to that or is that something DH maintains? It is a global config file, I believe that requires a restart of Apache before changes take effect.

Try these links to see if any help:




Good luck.


Thanks for the info. I may fire an email off to support and see what they have to say.

From dreamhost support:

“Unfortunately, this isn’t possible, as the webdav folder has it’s own
htaccess file with the webdav configurations in it. You can’t have two
files, and you can’t create your own, as the panel needs to configure