Htaccess for videos

I’m trying to create a password protected link to a video.

I password protected a directory using htaccess and then uploaded the video within the directory via FTP. The log in seems to be working fine but when accessed, theres merely a link to “video.wmv” that when clicked, takes you to another page rather than downloading the video. Any idea what Im doing wrong here?

what do you want it to do? stream or download? if download, then you’ll probably need to use htaccess to set the mime-type to force it to download. The other page you see is probably the video being downloaded and interpreted as text. It’s a page of garbage text, right?

the other option, streaming, is done via software. xmoovstream works good for me and includes a password function.

How can I do that?

Okay great - I see the code. Where do I put it? (I’m very new to this)