.htaccess file problems

Hi There-

Here’s the situation: I’ve set my directoryIndex to look first at index.php, but it seems to be affecting other files in that directory. In my /about Web directory, the following is what my .htaccess file looks like:

directoryIndex index.php index.html
redirect /about/ http://www.gabeanderson.com/index.php?id=58
redirect /about/index.html http://www.gabeanderson.com/index.php?id=58

This works as intended when you go to http://www.gabeanderson.com/about/. However, when I try to look at an old index file in the same directory (http://www.gabeanderson.com/about/index-old.html), it redirects to a bad page:


Any thoughts on why I can’t simply go to /index-old.html? Is it because the word “index” is in the file name?


Nope. It’s not the first line, it’s the second line that’s doing it.

It says to send every request for a file in /about/(whatever) to /index.php?id=58(whatever)

No need to say “D’oh” and slap your forehead with the back of your hand. We’ve all been there, done that…

ok…no “d’oh”…but how about: aha! that’s the ticket. :slight_smile:

thanks, deke.