.htaccess file included in new One-Click WP install



In the last newsletter, the Dreamhost team mentioned that the new one-click WP installations will come with an .htaccess file to prevent malicious scripts from running in the wp-content file. I was wondering if anybody had the code from one of these .htaccess files? I want to decide if it’s something I should be adding to my sites.


  • Mark


The current .htaccess file we’re using is actually really short and sweet. It goes in your wp-content directory:

This keeps PHP and CGI scripts from running from that directory.


Thanks so much!


Glad I did read this post. Just add the .htaccess to my uploads folder and will get to the other security upgrades in a few hours.
Maybe Dreamhost could alert it’s customers about this in a more urgent direct way.
I of course did not read the NewsLetter and almost never check the Dreamhost status since all always works fine on my sites/server (hope I did not jinx it now)

Anyway, something as important as this and the other security improvements (THANKS FOR THAT !!!), could maybe get a single email to all customers, with a catching headline: IMPORTANT, Add new security Features

Anyway thanks guys.

PS. Of course we are all ourselves responsible for our sites, but most people need a big kick under their … to get moving or even read.[hr]