.htaccess file for multiple sites

Is it possible to have an .htaccess file that works for multiple sites in my account? In particular, I don’t want to have to maintain multiple files to block bad IPs and user agents.

I’m coming from a host that uses CPanel. Despite its drawbacks when it comes to multiple domains, having a primary domain with a “trickle down” .htaccess file does come in handy.

I searched the forum and wiki and couldn’t find an answer. Of course, it could be a matter of not knowing what to search.


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Sure! You can stick an .htaccess file above your "web accessible directories (like in /home/yourusername/) and it will affect every directory below it in your path (all your domains under that user). [user]

If you want to only affect some of them, you may need to reconfigure the dirs your sites are served from, as in:


… and so one. This you put a single .htaccess in the sitegroupX dir that will apply to all the domains “under” that dir (unless, of course, over-ridden by a subsequent .htaccess in a given dir)

Careful though: If you do this and forget that you have done it, it can be hard to figure out why some of your domains might be misbehaving (most folks don’t look above the web-base for .htaccess files!) :wink:


Cool advice rlparker, good to know that.