Htaccess file being reset by dreamhost?



I’m pretty frustrated. Dreamhost changed removed our option to not use the “PHP as CGI” thing. To make a long story short, not having that option messes my permalinks.

I was able to figure out an htaccess re-write to work around my permalink problem but it seems like every hour, my htaccess file is put back to it’s original state?

Does anyone have an explanation for this? Does Dreamhost do this?



Dreamhost should be revering any files in your hosting space. It also seems odd that that you can only do php as cgi. You should probably contact support to see what’s going on.



Hi matttail,

I noticed under the “manage domains” control panel that something had changed and then when I checked the wiki, it said we no longer have the option to choose so it is not just me.

That said, this has caused me a lot of grief and I’ve been waiting almost a day for a response from DH.

Thanks much,

:slight_smile: Mark


Very odd, I haven’t noticed anything similar here. My .htaccess files only change when I modify them.


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I had a problem on a WordPress site on garth where the .htaccess file was getting reset. I thought it was WordPress messing with it, so I chmodded it to 444 just to be safe. It hasn’t been reset since I did this on Sunday.



fyi, my .htaccess and .htpasswd were GONE before and i have to pull that back from my svn…
also i chgrp my folder and it was also reverted
no clue y…