Htaccess Blocks Indexing


Hi all.

I have password protected a few folders in a subdirectory.

However, when I access this subdirectory from a web browser, the protected folders don’t appear in the directory listing.

How do I remedy this?

I’ve tried editing the .htaccess files in those folders to include the line “Options Indexes” but that doesn’t work.


maybe you have something configured differently than I do, but I just ran a quick test. I have a site with one password protected subdirectory. I renamed my default document in the root so I could see directory indexes and the password protected subdirectory was listed even though I couldn’t get into it without a password. odd.


The way it is working for you is exactly the way it also works for me. I’m wondering if the op’s issue could be someting as simple as clearing his cache?



Did try clearing my cache. Still no luck.