Htaccess and MySQL

I am using FlashChat (from intergrated with phpBB2, that is working fine, however I want to restrict access to only memebers of a certain rank, I am attempting to use an .htaccess file to restrict access to only members of a table in MySQL which will be populated with the users of the specific rank, However whenever I put in the code for authentication trough MySQL I do not even get a prompt for username and password

---- Code ----
AuthType Basic
AuthName “MySQL Member Page”

Auth_MYSQLusername username
Auth_MYSQLpassword password
Auth_MYSQLdatabase Database
Auth_MYSQLpwd_table phpbb_users
Auth_MYSQLuid_field username
Auth_MYSQLpwd_field user_password
Auth_MYSQL_EncryptedPasswords off

Thanks ahead of time for any help.

  • Satanas Rey