.htaccess and Internal Server Error

I’m trying to use a .htaccess file, in order to do a 301 redirection in the following form:

RedirectMatch 301 old-directory(.*) new-directory/$1

but each time I upload the .htaccess file to the server I get an Internal Server Error for all the site. There’s no difference if I upload the file through WebFTP or FTP, or wether I upload the original .htaccess file or I use a htaccess.txt and then I rename it… The result is always the same: Internal Server Error.

Another clue: wenn I try to rename htaccess.txt into .htaccess I get following warning: “Forbidden in /home/webftp_dh/webftp.dreamhost.com/plugins/access.fs/class.fsAccessDriver.php (l.919)”

Any ideas?

Do you still have an error when you put only comment in the .htaccess file?


Comment blah

Does it have any non Ascii text in it?
(Coded utf-8? European/Asian/Other encoding?)

And checking the error.log may help, too.