Htaccess and HeaderName

Saw some old posts on this…but no answer.

If I use

IndexOptions +SuppressHTMLPreamble +FancyIndexing HeaderName doc_header.html ReadmeName doc_footer.html then it works. But if I want to reference a common set of files and try using

IndexOptions +SuppressHTMLPreamble +FancyIndexing HeaderName /includes/doc_header.html ReadmeName /includes/doc_footer.html it doesn’t work. I tried full pathnames also…but it is supposed to be relative to ‘doc_root’. includes is a directory at the root of my web space. Is doc_root something strange here?

Any suggestions?

skip this, it works now.

The directive
AddHandler application/x-httpd-php .html .htm
had to be moved from the local directory to the includes or doc root directory .htaccess file, since the files had php in them.