.htaccess and encryption


i just wonder what would i chmod my .htaccess for it to work?
i upload my own .htaccess and .htpasswd. they dun work.

second, it appear to me that dreamhost uses des8 to encryption, is it possible to change it to md5?


I’ve always gone to the Control Panel under Goodies->Htaccess/WebDAV to add password protection to my directories. At least that way you’ll see what it should look like here. Then you can edit their files to your liking.



it chmod .htaccess to 444… i tried to chmod 744 on it and it won’t work… my question is… why?


Because PHP is running as you, as opposed to Apache, it’s probably an issue of it being writable by you. Making it un-writable closes that security gap. Dunno if 544 will work, but 444 certainly makes sense.



[quote]i upload my own .htaccess and .htpasswd. they dun work.


What are the symptoms? Could it be related to how uploaded?