Howto copy files?

guys, please help - ive downloaded a zip file to my server with wget and unzipped it into my directory but the zip file contained a sub-dir and unzipped itself into /

so im now trying to move files from / to just / with ssh and cannot get this thing done - if i rename the /zip directory into / so that the full path to it becomes / and then try to mv /home/username/ it says - cannot overwrite the directory. cp command doesnt help as well. can anyone help pls?

See if this wiki page about unix commands helps.

More clearly… from the / folder type:-
mv * …/
which will move all the files from zip up one folder to


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Try the following from your home directory;

cp /home/user/* /home/user/

Once you have confirmed that the files have been copied, you can then delete the zip sub-directory (and contents) with;

rm -r /home/user/

Edit: Gee, Norm’s solution is so much simpler than mine :slight_smile:


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tnx a lot