How's the throughput and stability?

I’m curious how the throughput and stability is for dreamhost servers. With $10 plans boasting 1TB+ bandwidth and gigs of storage, servers have got to be rather heavily oversold. I wonder with so many accounts on one server how often they go down, and how much of a hit the throughput takes.

I’m looking for a good place to host my data mostly, and also to act as a backup when my current hosting has trouble or their datacenter has connectivity issues.

Do you experience much downtime?

Have you run throughput tests to see what your burst rate & throttle rates are?

Any information pertaining to this would be very helpful to me. Thanks!

first off all, anyone using anything more than 50GB/mo probably needs to be on a dedicated server.

I would like to see anyone on DH who uses more than 25GB of storage and transfer. Probably less than 5% of the customers do.

I’ve only been with DH for a little while and have only done a couple of tests. On the couple occasions I’ve done some big downloads from my site, I’ve seen 200-500KB/sec. Almost never dipping below 200, lately hovering around 300. One test was from home but my latest test was run from the office where we have a T3 (45mbit, right?).

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You can also get an idea of recent downtime by looking at:

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You can refer to some existing customers in DH. DHSOTM. Most of us are happy in DH. Though we are in a shared server, DH is managing us well. If the server you reside is overloaded, they will move your site to a better server.

You can experience by yourself as DH guarantees 97 days money back :stuck_out_tongue:

load average: 0.91, 1.61, 2.07
Sorry, I do not know how to check my burst rate and throttle rate.

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mhadjar: Dedicated servers, in my opinion, are not so much for websites with high traffic or using up lots of bandwidth, but rather for sites which require lots of customization at the root level or which require a large amount of a servers CPU usage.

At any rate, I go through 25GB of transfer per month many times over, but I have no need for a dedicated server.

Lensman: Thanks, that’s reassuring. The status page is handy too.

nathan823: Yes, it’s always a bit of a crapshoot on any shared hosting as to whether you get good neighbors or not. Good to hear they move you without too much grief.