How's the server speed?


I’m thinking of opening a Codemonster acct. Currently I am leasing a dedicated server from and my usage is quite low so the page and image loading is super fast.

How is it with the Codemonster accounts… Any idea how many Codemonster clients share a server?

Any comments on your image/page loading? I have several photographic galleries so I need/want fast page loading.

Thanks all


This question comes up quite often in the forums, I am sure if you do a little searching you will find the answer to your questions.

Here is one recent thread which may help…

Here are some other gallery type sites I found in the ‘DreamHost Site of The Month’ section of the Web Admin Panel.

Overall, I doubt you will see quite the same speed on any shared hosting as you do on your dedicated machine, but personally I have never run into a speed problem here on DreamHost.


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i actually find dreamhost slow compared to my old provider… but i am pay 1/8th of the price so its not bad value for money…

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